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We want you to know as much as possible about the process we'll undertake to get your home sold. We have a plan that we follow to ensure the greatest success, and we've included its steps below. Read it and relax with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your realty team is doing everything it can to serve you best!

To get the best price for your home, we will:

1. Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
We will enter your home's information into the MLS, giving your home exposure to the thousands of Denver area Realtors. We will refresh the listing every month to remain in front of Realtors that may have buyers.

2. Pricing
We will price your home competitively to open the market rather than narrowing the market.

3. Staging
We will assist you with preparing your home for sale. We will do this by hiring a professional to visit with you for a staging consultation. We have included a flyer to illustrate how this will improve your property's showing appeal.

4. Virtual Tour
We will hire a company to professionally video and photograph your property. The package will include 5 virtual tours and at least 10 still photos which will increase exposure to potential buyers..

5. In Office Marketing
We will market your listing to the other 200 agents in our office with potential buyers for your home.

6. Remax Unlimited Yard Sign
We will place a highly recognized Remax Unlimited Real Estate sign on your property along with a lock box to gain exposure.

7. Pre-Title Commitment
We will order (at our cost) a pre-title commitment to reduce your risk of any title problems on or before closing.

8. Internet –
a. We will add your home to REALTOR.com, the nation's largest real estate web site with a Showcase border and multiple pictures to increase visibility

b. Our website, www.JakeMarsh.com, is one of the top ranked on Google, MSN and Yahoo search engines and averages 600+ visitors per day.

9. Contact Top Realtors
We've developed a list of the top 25 agents in the area, those like our team who are very active in the marketplace, and we market your property to them. The top agents are responsible for a major portion of the transactions in the area.

10. Personal Contact
We will personally contact the 20 neighbors closest to your home to get their ideas on prospects for your home.

11. Counter Display
We will place an informational packet in the property which will contain most things a buyer will want to know – survey, school information, utilities, homeowner's association, pre-inspection information, contract etc. This information will give buyers the confidence to write an offer.

12. Color Brochure
We will have your home professionally photographed and a full color brochure prepared for inside and outside the property.

13. IVR Line Recording
We will have a toll free number with a recorded description of your home for buyers to call any time day or night. This system will capture the caller's information enabling us to follow up with them and further promote your home.

14. Daily Contact
One of our main goals is to personally find a buyer for your home so we prospect daily. Our team will personally contact 100-200 people a week throughout the community searching for people who are interested in buying a home, especially yours.

15. Buyer/Realtor Feedback
As part of the counter display, we will have a feedback form for Realtors and their buyers to fill out to provide us with their opinion of price, condition and interest in the property. The agent will be able to complete the feedback form and leave it in your home or easily fax it to us.

16. Weekly Contact
We will contact you weekly to give you an update on the marketing of your home and feedback for agent showings.

17. Monthly Market Update
We will talk with you every 2-4 weeks about what has happened in the marketplace and determine what adjustments are needed as a result.

18. Present Offers
We will represent you on all offer presentations to assure negotiating the best possible price and terms.

19. Transaction Management
Our transaction managers will manage the details of your transaction to ensure your contract closes on time – and you can move on time. Over 90% of our contracts close on or before the contract date compared to an industry average of less than 50%.

20. Attend Closing
We will be at the closing to ensure everything is completed as agreed and that you receive your funds.


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