The Spring Selling Season Is Approaching - Are You Ready To Sell?

Posted by Greg Eckler on Tuesday, February 15th, 2011 at 7:56am.

The spring selling season is quickly approaching and buyers are gearing up to find the perfect home. It's well known in the real estate industry that, if you pan to sell a home, the spring is the best time to do it. Buyers come out in droves and the market bares more rewards for those sellers who are ready. Here are some quick ways you can get your home in top shape for maximum return.

Curb Appeal And First Impressions

First impressions are key to a quick sell. Buyers want to walk up to a home and feel this is the one. Taking advantage of a buyers first impression is as simple as cleaning up the front yard and getting rid of the clutter. Rake the dead leaves from the fall, add some fresh potted plants to the curb, and if needed, touch up chipped or faded paint.

Now, walk across the street and take a good hard look at your entire yard. Does your home say welcome when you look at it? Does your lawn need some touch up, shrubs or trees need to be trimmed, flowerbeds and gardens need some gardeners love? Are your windows in need of cleaning? Make sure your home sparkles from the outside before you move to the inside.

Cleaning Brings Maximum Profit

When a buyer sees a home for the first time it has to be perfect. They want to envision themselves living there and it's up to you to make that happen. Give every room in the house a thorough cleaning, remove all personal items including family photos, clean out closets and pantries, and touch up paint where necessary.

If you have carpets get them cleaned by a professional, especially if you have pets. During showings, if you do have pets, ask the neighbors or a family member if they will take care of them while you're showing the home. The whole idea here is to appeal to as many potential buyers as possible. Pets will eliminate half of your buyer pool due to allergens and pet dander.

Enhance Your Main Selling Features

Kitchens and bathrooms are your main selling features in a home so they have to look their best. In the kitchen, keep the counter tops spotless and remove unnecessary appliances and cookware. You can spruce up your kitchen by replacing old cabinet knobs, adding new blinds or draperies, and giving it a fresh coat of neutral paint.

Bathrooms should have fresh-clean towels, new shower curtains, and replace worn or defective faucets. Bathrooms can easily be transformed with a new mirror and new light fixtures. Buyers are looking for updated kitchens and bathrooms, so if your's is in need of some updating, get it done now.

Selling a home for top dollar is all about enhancing your best selling features and creating an inviting atmosphere. These are quick, easy and low-cost ways to prepare your home for the spring selling season. Check with a Realtor if you have any questions and good luck!

About The Author: Lisa Udy is owner of Platinum Real Estate Group, a boutique real estate agency in Logan Utah. If you have questions regarding the Logan Utah real estate market, please visit Lisa's website at

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Matt Kuchar wrote: Have to give to get, I remember selling one of my old houses, it needed a lot of work for the "First Impression" to be anything favorable, so I like how you are very direct with how to make this impression work for you. Next time I'm selling my house I'm gonna come back to this blog.

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