Park Hill Real Estate - The Great Divide

Posted by Greg Eckler on Monday, February 7th, 2011 at 3:38pm.

Park Hill MapPark Hill is a hidden gem in Denver. Washington Park and Highlands get the most word of mouth but can often cost more because of the higher demand. Park Hill real estate offers a great neighborhood with average prices that can meet the needs of almost every buyer.

The city and county of Denver has Park Hill defined as one neighborhood. This may be correct as a geographical boundary, but in real estate I see four distinct areas. These areas include Park Hill South, Park Hill Central, Park Hill North, and Park Hill East. My dividing lines are determined by several factors: consistency of homes, character, price ranges, proximity to Martin Luther King Blvd, the airport affect, and even opinions expressed by past clients and contacts.

See below to learn why each district in Park Hill is so unique, and discover which one is the best fit for your lifestyle:


Park Hill South

This historic neighborhood just oozes charm with its tree-lined streets and lovely character homes. Proximity to the 2 town centers makes this area especially popular.

South Park Hill real estate competes with Washington Park and Congress Park for my “top 3” list of Denver neighborhoods that have the character buyers are looking for.

Park Hill Central

Tucked between Park Hill South and North, between 26th and 29th streets, Park Hill Central offers a lovely neighborhood with affordable prices. Instead of large show homes, you'll find cozy bungalows on nice lots with plenty of mature trees.

Park Hill North

Real estate in Park Hill North will provide reasonably priced single-family homes located close to shops, restaurants, parks, and main roads.

Park Hill East

Another affordable neighborhood, Park Hill East is nestled between 2 higher priced communities. Residents benefit from proximity to their upscale neighbors without having to pay the premium prices. A local town center is close by - perfect for grabbing a cheesesteak, pizza or Asian cuisine.

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