Mapping New Construction

Posted by Greg Eckler on Tuesday, June 21st, 2016 at 11:36am.

Where Are New Homes Being Built?

We all know that Stapleton, Lowry and Green Valley Ranch have new homes under construction, but what about the rest of Denver? Where are developers deciding to invest their money? Where are buyers passing on the planned community – deciding instead on a newly built home in an older neighborhood?

I searched homes sold in 2015 and 2016 (thru May) that also had a build year of 2015 and newer. Then I created 3 interactive maps to show the distribution and count in each area for the following products:
• Detached homes
• Condos
• Townhomes/other multi-unit.

The Takeaway: Townhomes had the highest numbers; detached homes had the widest range of neighborhoods; and new condos are very limited these days – only in 5 different areas in 10 buildings.

Detached Homes
• 43 different neighborhoods
• 232 homes
• 21% of total

• 5 different neighborhoods
• 128 units in only 10 buildings
• 12% of total

Townhome/other multi-unit
• 33 different neighborhoods
• 737 homes
• 67% of total

Detached Homes:

Detached Homes - Interactive Map

Townhomes & Other Multi-Unit - Interactive Map

Condos - Interactive Map


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