Believe Me. Don’t Trust Me.

Posted by Greg Eckler on Wednesday, September 14th, 2016 at 8:31am.

The Psychology of Real Estate

Is there a difference between believing what someone says and trusting what they say? I think there is.

When I work with buyers and sellers, I have a duty to give them my best advice and be their advocate. I feel this is one of my strengths. My clients believe I know the Denver market, and understand the data behind it, so my advice provides them with valuable insight, allowing them to make the best decision possible.

That being said, I firmly believe a little skepticism from clients is healthy. After all, I won’t be living with them, commuting with them, growing a family with them, etc. So instead of “trusting” what I say at face value, my clients need to make decisions that only they are qualified to make based on the nuances of their life.

In my thirteen years as a Realtor I have had many clients ask me, “Should I buy this house?” And my answer is always an emphatic NO, because asking me this loaded question means my client trusts me to make a decision for them, and that isn’t OK. It tells me they need more information or a longer discussion to help them figure it out. In the end, I think my clients should trust their own judgement more than they trust mine.

So yes, I’m the realtor that tells his clients “Believe me, but don’t trust me” because I want them to remember, throughout the entire process, that they have the big decisions to make. I’m just here to support them along the way.

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