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or...How home values change from one neighborhood to another...

Did you know that crossing a street in Denver can cost you over $250,000? That won’t be a fine levied by the police, but it will be the average cost increase of a house when you cross from one neighborhood to another.

Obviously, each neighborhood has its pros and cons. But when two nearby neighborhoods contrast greatly, the prices can vary quite a bit.

Here are some examples of Denver neighborhoods that really exemplify this fact:

Congress Park & Cherry Creek NorthCongress Park vs Cherry Creek NorthCross 6th Avenue and your home could cost an extra $873,000.

* Congress Park: average home price was $412,000 over the past 12 months.
* Cherry Creek North: average home price was $1,285,000 over the past 12 months.


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The spring selling season is quickly approaching and buyers are gearing up to find the perfect home. It's well known in the real estate industry that, if you pan to sell a home, the spring is the best time to do it. Buyers come out in droves and the market bares more rewards for those sellers who are ready. Here are some quick ways you can get your home in top shape for maximum return.

Curb Appeal And First Impressions

First impressions are key to a quick sell. Buyers want to walk up to a home and feel this is the one. Taking advantage of a buyers first impression is as simple as cleaning up the front yard and getting rid of the clutter. Rake the dead leaves from the fall, add some fresh potted plants to the curb, and if needed, touch up chipped or

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Park Hill MapPark Hill is a hidden gem in Denver. Washington Park and Highlands get the most word of mouth but can often cost more because of the higher demand. Park Hill real estate offers a great neighborhood with average prices that can meet the needs of almost every buyer.

The city and county of Denver has Park Hill defined as one neighborhood. This may be correct as a geographical boundary, but in real estate I see four distinct areas. These areas include Park Hill South, Park Hill Central, Park Hill North, and Park Hill East. My dividing lines are determined by several factors: consistency of homes, character, price ranges, proximity to Martin Luther King Blvd, the airport affect, and even opinions expressed by past clients and contacts.

See below to learn

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house_on_seesaw_200I will often ask buyers what ratio of their purchase is the “perfect home” and what ratio is the “perfect investment”. If I had to generalize, I'd say most buyers are looking for a home, and the investment is a secondary concern. The ratio may be be 80/20 or 70/30 in favor of the perfect home.

I tend to place more emphasis on the investment side of the equation, or more importantly, how the house appeals to the largest audience so it sells quickly later when these buyers are ready to sell. In most cases, you can find a nice home with great resale potential on the market. Pointing this out to buyers can help them have the best of both worlds.

Buyers can raise the investment potential of their purchase simply by considering a few factors when buying a

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