July 2016

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Does it matter what day of the week a home goes on the market?

Thanks to my 13 years as a realtor, I’ve developed a certain “philosophy” about the best day of the week to list a home as well as the best day and time to start showings. It comes solely from my experience, so I was curious to know two things: Does the data support my listing philosophy? And do others agree with me?

MY PHILOSOPHY: For most homes below $750,000 we are in a clear sellers’ market. Based on this, if I’m listing a home in this price range I want to have a plan for timing the market. My assumptions are as follows:

• More buyers see homes on Saturday and Sunday
• Competition among buyers should help get the seller a better price and/or terms
• Holiday weekends should be avoided

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No cash flow. No appreciation. No Problem. Learning how a rental property is a good investment without any profit or appreciation.

When people consider purchasing a rental property they initially think about cash flow (i.e. their monthly profit) and appreciation of their investment over time. While those are definitely good things to keep in mind, I want to show you how a rental property can still be a great investment when those two factors – cash flow and appreciation over time – are actually zero.

For the purposes of this exercise I want you to assume a few things:

1. The rental income exactly matches expenses so there are zero monthly profits for the owner.
2. The real estate market isn’t appreciating. (Yes, in our current 2016 Denver market that

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