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What happens during a bidding war?  How do sellers pick the best offer?

 Here we break down the decision process, the tie breakers and what factors mattered more than others.  Hopefully you won't get into a bidding war during your purchase but if you do, this insight should be helpful.  


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What makes a "good" agent?

This week I breakdown how agent performed in 2016  - How many transactions did an average agent complete and how many cities did each agent work.

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The data behind the rumors.

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• What % of MLS active listings are in Zillow?
• What % of Zillow listings are actually available for sale?

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The Psychology of Real Estate

Is there a difference between believing what someone says and trusting what they say? I think there is.

When I work with buyers and sellers, I have a duty to give them my best advice and be their advocate. I feel this is one of my strengths. My clients believe I know the Denver market, and understand the data behind it, so my advice provides them with valuable insight, allowing them to make the best decision possible.

That being said, I firmly believe a little skepticism from clients is healthy. After all, I won’t be living with them, commuting with them, growing a family with them, etc. So instead of “trusting” what I say at face value, my clients need to make decisions that only they are qualified to make based on the

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What happens when you don’t sell the first week?

There are many different philosophies on how to price a home but the result of not getting a contract in the first week is clear: a lower sales price and missed opportunity.

To see what happens to offer prices during and after the first week on the market, I graphed data for both detached and attached homes in multiple price ranges in the city of Denver.

• Under contract in the first week? Homes averaged 2.3% over the list price.

• Under contract in the second week? The sale price dropped 0.24% below asking price.

• Under contract in week 3 and later? See the graph below.

The 2.5% swing from week 1 to week 2 means $10,000-$12,000 less for the seller (based on the average home in Denver.)

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